Historic Homes

Beginning in 2015, the Balboa Island Museum Newport Beach began offering plaques to historic homes on the island. A historic home on the island is any home constructed before 1960 and must be the first house built on the property. Our goal is to acknowledge the houses on the island which still reflect the original construction styles that made the island such a unique place early on and allow visitors and new residents to get a glimpse of the island’s history in person.


If your house qualifies and you are interested in obtaining a plaque, please download the application below and return it to:


Balboa Island Museum
210 Marine Avenue, Ste B
Balboa Island, CA 92662


If you have any questions, please call 949-675-3952. Please note that these plaques do not provide legal protection or convey any protected status to the building. These plaques are informative but have no legal standing.


To request a Historical Home Plaque please download and complete the following program form:


Plaque Program Download


For more information, call (949) 675-3952 or info@balboaislandmuseum.org.

Historical Home List

313 Amethyst Ave

317 Amethyst Ave

324 Amethyst Ave

330 Amethyst Ave

300 Amethyst Ave

303 Amethyst Ave

309 Amethyst Ave

204 Amethyst Ave

203 Amethyst Ave

116 Amethyst Ave

118 Amethyst Ave

120 Amethyst Ave