Exhibits - 114 Garnet Ave

114 Garnet Ave

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  1. This cottage was built in 1923 and was actually a “Speak Easy” (undisclosed bar) frequented by the likes of John Wayne, James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart back in the day. My wife (Erin) and I purchased this cottage in April 2019 from the estate of Dr. Robert L. Borland (1921 – 2018) shortly after his passing. Dr. Borland had accumulated a number of cottages both on the Island and in Corona del Mar. We purchased the Speak Easy cottage to save it from the inevitable wrecking ball that has been taking our cherished historic cottages away from us at an alarming rate. The Speak Easy Cottage is available for short and long-term rental (just check AirBnB and/or the BIIA bulletin board for more info). Jim & Erin Moloney

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